Who we are

Moscow Helsinki Group (www.mhg.ru) is the oldest of the now existent in Russia human rights organizations, established in 1976 in Moscow.

MHG Mission is to assist human rights observation and democracy development in Russia. To achieve this MHG from the very beginning of its existence deals with revelation of human rights violations and exercising a pressure on authorities to make them fulfill undertaken international obligations in human rights sphere. A democratic state based on the rule of law cannot exist without strong civil society. That’s why after its reestablishment in 1989 MHG makes all the possible efforts for reinforcement and promotion of civil society in Russia, providing well-rounded support for the development of human rights and civil movement in the RF regions.

The Center for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights (CDDHR) (www.demokratia.ru) is an independent research and expert non-governmental organization created in 1998 in Moscow.

The Center’s mission is the development of effective democratic institutions and the creation of sustainable mechanisms for human rights protection in Russia by influencing public policy in these areas, creating conditions for civic participation in decision making from local communities to the international level and empowering individuals and groups to play a more influential role in the communities they belong to. We strive to make democracy work for people living in Russia and to assist them in finding in democracy a practical meaning relevant for their lives.

International Foundation of Political and Law Research “Interlegal” (www.interlegal.ru) – traces its history since 1989. The Foundation acts for supporting, carrying out and developing scientific, educational, awareness-raising and charitable activity, including distribution of funds between non-political organizations carrying out the mentioned activities.

The Foundation contributes to developing democracy, law state and legality, civil society, respect for human rights, and institutional development of non-political, non-governmental, non-profit organizations working for the same objectives.

International Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM) (www.yhrm.org) emerged in 1998 in Russia. Now it is a community of people from different countries (at present – more than 30 states), young (by passport or by soul), for whom Human Rights and individual dignity are crucial values. We are united in a Network to support each other in defending and promoting these values, to share ideas, to arrange joint actions and to form new generation of civil activists. It’s a free-will community, in which different people, attitudes and methods are appreciated; only violence, aggression and discrimination are unacceptable.